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All our products are gluten-free

Our bakery is dedicated gluten-free and wheat-free.  That means that we don't allow any products containing wheat or gluten into the production area, so there is no risk of any contamination with wheat or gluten.

All grains we use are certified gluten-free and tested for gluten per batch.  Finished products are regularly tested for gluten.  We're happy to report that every single sample we've sent in to the lab has tested with less than half of the permitted amount of gluten in gluten free products (20 ppm).  Usually the result is under 5 ppm (undetectable). 

...and made with real ingredients

Most gluten-free crackers and crispbreads are a poor imitation of the real thing, based on cheap fillers (usually  wheat starch, maize/corn starch or potato starch), with the help of a lot of chemicals with names like hydroxypropylmetylcellulosa and E471.  Just what you've been looking for?

We use real ingredients naturally high in protein and fibre with names like oats and pumpkin seeds.  They taste good, without any help from factory labs.

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