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Enjoy every bite.  One at a time.

All of our crackers are made to be eaten as is, with dips,. or else topped with your favourite cheese or creation. And while we do make some larger-sized crispbread pieces (contrary to many we think you should never have to stretch your mouth to eat), may we suggest enjoying some small but high protein, high fibre morsels as part of your daily regime? 

For a few minutes, slow down, put the phone down, make exactly what you want, relax and enjoy.  The protein and fibre in our crackers fuels and fills you up, so you're ready to go and perform, and you eat less.  Here are a few suggestions.  


For an ultra low carb start to the day, try Simply Seed crackers with cheese, salmon or cold Cuts.

Coffee break

Vilmas cinnamon biscuits are a less-sweet, lower fat and fibre-rich alternative to regular biscuits.


Cheese protein or rosemary crackers complement just about any soup or lunch dish.


Pizza or Power protein crackers. Nothing else needed.  With 5-6 times more protein per ounce than protein pudding, just eat it.

Dinner & drinks

Dip into some hummous or tsatsiki with any of the savoury crakers and it won't go wrong.  Vilmas black & white crackers are hands-down the one for enjoying cheeses with a glass of wine..

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