1. Where can I buy your products?

    Right now, in shops in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belguim, France, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and the UAE.

    Starting in the US and Spain this year!

  2. How can I order on-line?

    In Sweden: Mathem and Eko Direkt

    In Canada & USA: Viking Imports in Toronto


  3. What type of syrup do you use?

    Organic raw cane sugar syrup is used in some Vlimas products.


  4. Are all of your products gluten-free?

    Yes.  Our bakery is certified gluten-free by the Swedish Coeliac Association (Svenska Celiakiförbundet) and all products are tested for gluten.


  5. How can products containing oats be gluten-free?

    The oats and oat flour we use are from dedicated organic and gluten-free farmers in Scandinavia and are certified organic and gluten-free.  They are milled in a dedicated gluten-free mill and each batch is tested for gluten before we use it.